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The Rabbitry

The Rabbitry idea happened after we lost Luna, our beautiful blue lionhead. She was a solid part of the family. We decided we needed that part of the family filled so we found a purebred lionhead rabbit, smoke pearl, from the same family of Luna. With the time that I spent researching to find someone to fill that hole within the family, I was able to see many different rabbitries and became interested in the rabbit show competitions. It did not take long before I talked to my husband about it, and the amazing man that he is told me we should do it. So we did.

The Pantheon Rabbitry gets its name because our breeding herd are primarily named after gods and goddesses of different pantheons. Osiris and Isis are both Egyptian gods, for example. So we plan to move forward with this naming system as we definitely view these rabbits as gods and goddesses of the rabbitry.

Right now the rabbitry is in my dining room! However, this week we will be moving several cages to our workroom. It will be a good location for our rabbits. The rabbits get attention every day. Osiris plays monopoly with us (he messes up the cards but it is the thought that counts), Aura plays with us when we get her and her baby out to run, Isis is precious and a great cuddler, so she watches TV with me, and Zeus is pretty much the boss. He gets to walk around while we clean cages, "supervising" our work. He makes sure we know he is the pet and that he came first! He is just a cool rabbit and the favorite in our family.

We will definitely be updating the blog with not only rabbitry updates but also "Did you know?" blogs and blogs about caring for domestic rabbits. Always remember that these rabbits are domesticated. They are a little different than wild rabbits.

Share the page with your friends please! We will be posting updates of the new babies coming and posting pictures as they develop.

Thank you for taking this awesome journey with us as we become rabbit showin' fools!

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